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Kenneth O. Long

Kenneth O. Long, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
(805) 493-3346
ASCI 115

Office Hours: MWF 12:45 - 2 and by Appointment


Dr. Long teaches courses in vertebrate anatomy, physiology and neuroscience. His general research interest is in neuroscience. He involves undergraduates in research utilizing anatomical, biochemical and electrophysiological techniques. His outside interests include natural history, acoustic music and T'ai Chi.

  • B.A., Biology, San Francisco State University, 1976
  • Ph.D., Biology (Cell Biology and Physiology), University of California, Santa Barbara, 1984
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 1984-1989



Significant Research Publications


Long, K.O. and S.K. Fisher.  The distributions of photoreceptors and ganglion cells in the ground squirrel, Spermophilus beecheyi.  J.Comp. Neurol. 221:329-340. 1983.

Long, K.O., Fisher, S.K., Fariss, R.N., and Anderson, D.H.  Disc shedding and autophagy in the ​cone dominant ground squirrel retina.  Exp. Eye Res. 43:193-205, 1986.

Philp, N.J., Chang, W., and Long, K.  Light stimulated protein movement in rod photoreceptor ​cells of the rat retina.  FEBS Lett. 225:127-132, 1987.

Long, K., Philp, N., Gery, I. and Aguirre, G.  S-antigen in a hereditary visual cell disease:  ​Immunocytochemical and immunological studies.  Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci.  29:1594-1607, 1988.

Long, K. O. and Aguirre, G.D.  The cone matrix sheath in the normal and diseased retina. Cytochemical and biochemical studies of peanut agglutinin-binding proteins in cone and rod-cone degeneration.  Exp.Eye Res. 52:699-713,1991.

Wiggert, B., Kutty, G., Long, K.O., Inouye, L., Gery, I., Chader, G.J., and Aguirre, G.D. Interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein (IRBP) in progressive rod-cone degeneration ​(prcd)--biochemical, immunocytochemical and immunologic studies.  Exp. Eye Res. ​53:389-398, 1991.


Off-campus Research Presentations with Undergraduate* Co-Authors. 


Argento*, J.M. and J. Reed.  (K. Long, Mentor) The Interphotoreceptor matirx of the ground squirrel retina.  Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research.  California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. November 6, 1993. 


Long, K. and J. Argento*.  Interphotoreceptor matrix of the cone dominant ground squirrel retina.4th Annual Neuroscience Research Institute Scientific Meeting.  U.C. Santa Barbara, May 23, 1994.


Long, K.O., Elam*, M.D, and Fisher, S.K.  Desulfination enhances peanut agglutinin labeling of ​the interphotoreceptor matrix.  Invest. Ophthalmol. Visual Sci. (Suppl.) 36:S510, 1995. ​(Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, May 1995).


Crump*, J and K. Long, "Development of Neuroscience Lab Exercises Utilizing the SpikerBox and Biopac Data Acquisition System."  Presented at the Faculty for Undergraduate Research Poster session atthe annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, November 14, 2011, Washington DC.


Rice*, S.P. and K.O. Long.  " Localization of the ABCA4 flippase in developing photoreceptors."  Presented at the Faculty for Undergraduate Research Poster session at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, November 17, 2014, Washington DC.


Rice*, S.  (K. Long, Mentor) "Localization of the ABCA4 phospholipid flippase in developing photoreceptors."  Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research, Cal State University Fullerton, November 22, 2014. 


Rice*, S. (K. Long, Mentor) "Localization of the ABCA4 phospholipid flippase in developing photoreceptors." Annual West Coast Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research (WCBSUR), Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA. April 25, 2015.


Sharkey*, C, Enders*, J, and Long, K.O.  “The effect of amino acids on the feeding response of freshwater snails, Lymnaea stagnalis and Helisoma trivolvis.”  Presented at the Faculty for Undergraduate Research Poster session at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, November 13, 2016, San Diego, CA.



Grant Funding

Principal Investigator.  National Science Foundation, Research in Undergraduate Institutions.  “Characterization of the Interphotoreceptor Matrix of the Cone-Dominant Ground Squirrel Retina.”  Steven K. Fisher, co-P.I. $91, 647.  5/92 – 10/94.

Co-P.I. National Science Foundation, Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement. “Equipment for an Investigative Introductory Biology Laboratory.”  David Marcey, P.I., Barbara Collins, Andrea Huvard and Dennis Revie, co-P.I.s. $42, 486.  4/1/02 – 3/31/05.

Principal Investigator.  Pittsburgh National Conference Grant, Interdisciplinary Applications of Compact UV/VIS Spectrophotometers.  Grady Hanrahan, Co-PI.  $10,000 .  2007.