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The new Swenson Science Center will transform education for our students. You can provide the spark.

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A Facility to Accelerate Growth

The new Swenson Science Center is providing significantly more space for teaching and research while providing students with modern labs and collaborative work spaces.


Open Collaboration

Mixed among faculty offices and classrooms are open, collaborative meeting spaces where students from all disciplines can connect and share insights.


Research and Teaching Labs

Chemistry, biology, exercise science, and environmental science labs provide flexible spaces with movable furniture and equipment to allow different configurations.


Science on Display

Designed to create a gallery atmosphere, the science center has an open floor plan allowing students to showcase their research projects and results to the community.

A Demand for Scientists

The world needs more people who are well-versed in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
And we’ve seen the demand — nearly a third of our students choose a major in those fields.


A National Challenge

Universities have been challenged to enroll one million new STEM graduates in the next 10 years.


Major Interest

The number of science majors at Cal Lutheran has more than doubled since 2005.


Prepared Graduates

We foster graduates who are ethical, well-rounded and prepared to solve problems.

Our Vision For Science Education

A new, modern science facility will enable a more effective way of learning by encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas and by connecting students, faculty, and the community.


A New Type of Scientist

The world needs scientists who are compassionate citizens and leaders who can confidently contribute from day one.


A New Type of Facility

The Swenson Science Center is a new space for science education, built at the heart of our campus to help create interdisciplinary connections.