The Facility

Built at the center of campus, the Swenson Science Center will connect science disciplines to each other and promote partnerships with other academic programs,  encouraging more interdisciplinary activity and new possibilities in learning and research.


The Swenson Science Center will reside next to the existing Ahmanson Science Center, with the buildings connected by a bridge walkway.

The new Swenson Science Center
will contain

11 teaching labs


8 research labs

to provide students with modern labs and collaborative work spaces.

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Available Spaces


Reserved Spaces

Virtual Tour

Take a tour of the Swenson Science Center and see what our students will get to experience.

Student in lab

Real Lab Experience

The new lab spaces mimic what students will see in graduate school and their professional careers.

Chemistry labs are equipment-intensive, fixed laboratory spaces. Biology, exercise and environmental science labs are flexible laboratory spaces with movable furniture allowing for different configurations.


The new facility at Cal Lutheran will expand the reach and impact of science, enabling students to understand complex world issues and social interactions through state-of-the-art teaching and experimental research.

Grady Hanrahan
Professor of Chemistry


Room for Collaboration

Mixed among centralized faculty offices and classrooms is 2,537 square feet of collaborative meeting spaces and conference rooms where students and faculty from all disciplines can connect and share insights.

Allowing students to make connections across disciplines is central to the liberal arts and sciences.


New and exciting cross-disciplinary classes and collaborations will be more likely, as we creatively explore opportunities we could not before due to lack of space.

Chad Barber
Professor of Biology


Smart Equipment

Each lab space is designed and equipped specifically for growing innovations in every field of study.

Access to new technology will accelerate our students’ growing enthusiasm for the sciences and strengthen our innovative model of instruction and learning.


As faculty, we are committed to providing personal attention to our students, challenging them to think critically, use complex equipment, and pursue and even publish their own research.

Michele LeBlanc
Professor of Exercise Science

Science on Display

Designed to create a gallery atmosphere, there are windows to the inside of the Swenson Science Center to facilitate observation and an open floor plan. These features help demystify science for students and visitors and make science both transparent and approachable.

Members of the local business community will be able to visit and experience the Swenson Science Center’s ability to make science visible and accessible to all.