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Kelly R. Culwell '95, MD MPH

Now more than ever it is critically important that we educate not only future scientists, researchers and physicians about how to use science to communicate effectively, but also that we provide a basic science education to those who are pursuing careers in other fields.

Chief Medical Officer, Obstetrician/Gynecologist
Evofem Biosciences, Inc.

As an undergraduate, Kelly Culwell was drawn to Cal Lutheran’s liberal arts curriculum. “I was really interested in being able to pursue all of my passions - science, theater, communications, and women's studies - without being limited to a preset track as would happen in a large public university,” she said.

Culwell had a natural aptitude for science and knew she wanted to go to medical school. “My experience with the Cal Lutheran theater department almost led me to pursue my dreams of becoming an actress,” she explained, adding “though I think I made the right choice.”

Now Chief Medical Officer at Evofem Biosciences in San Diego, CA, Culwell works to ensure that women are empowered with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their reproductive health. She emphasizes, “My career is dedicated to this very important mission.”  

“Science education for all will ensure we have a well-educated population that can tell fact from fiction and ensures that policymakers are held accountable to using evidence to make crucial decisions that will drive the future of our country and the world.” Culwell believes a liberal arts education is critical to achieving these goals.